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Services and Rates

Tranquility Massage
60 minutes $65.00
90 minutes $110.00
This session soothes you with a Swedish and Esalen style of massage, and can incorporate an infusion of essential oils, hot stones, Reiki and Access Bars™. This session may conclude with a symphony of sound, vibrational healing using crystal singing bowls, and Biosonic Tuning forks.

Deep Healing Bodywork
60 minutes $75.00
90 minutes $110.00
Perfect to unlock the web of resistance that causes discomfort, this session includes a customized blend of specialties to address issues such as headaches, scar tissue and adhesions, injury prevention and recovery, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and illness. Pregnancy massage is a specialty that requires certification and is also in this category.

Illumina Signature Healing Sessions
Purifying Bodywrap
120 minutes $180.00
Unwind in this warm cocoon infused with herbs that detoxify and cleanse your skin. This session begins with a dry skin exfoliation, followed by “the Wrap” and foot massage, Concluding with Lymph Drainage Therapy, either manual or cupping, this session is an ideal addition to any inner cleansing program, and assists in clearing inflammation.

Hydrating Bodywrap
120 minutes $180.00
Experience this luxurious and calming seaweed body mask. This session begins with a dry skin exfoliation, followed by a seaweed wrap, then a relaxing massageusing hot stones and Jojoba oil. This session hydrates, softens and provides minerals to dry, dehydrated skin.

* Because bodywraps increase core body temperature and restrict movement, they may not be provided if any of the following conditions exist:  Diabetes, High or Low Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Pregnancy, Claustrophobia. Inform the therapist if you are sensitive to specific herbs or have an iodine sensitivity.


Invest In Your Health with Illumina's Well-Being Program

My Well-Being Program provides a reduced rate for you when you use massage consistently as a part of a program of injury prevention, illness prevention, or a return to wellness ritual.

10% off    4 Session Package

15% off    6 Session Package

20% off    8 Session Package

25% off    12 Session Package

 ** This is a pre-pay program, and to encourage optimum wellness, you must commit to an office visit at least once per month.

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