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Swedish Massage - Swedish is a classic massage using the 5 basic strokes designed to stimulate and sedate the nervous system.

Meditation Massage - I learned this massage early in my career as a style of deep relaxation massage.

Hot Stone - A warm stones are used as an extension of the hand to gently expand tightened muscles, to increase circulation and separate muscle fibers from adhesions.

Cold Stone - Cool marble stones are use to contract soft tissues to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Trigger Point Therapy - Developed by Dr. Janet Travell, this method is a process of deactivating points that cause local or referred pain and uses deep sustained pressure.

Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment™ - Developed by Eric Dalton, D.O., this method identifies whether an upper crossed or lower crossed structural dysfunction exists; then uses specific body positioning, pressure or deep massage strokes to release the muscle tension on the structure of the body. It gives the body space to align itself and achieve greater mobility and freedom from pain.

Myofascial Release - The fascia is a fibrous matrix that is interconnected throughout the body from the top of the head to the feet, that when damaged can cause pain and dysfunction far from the origin of injury. This method releases the fascia through skin rolling, or applying sustained compression or tension in different directions to release tissue restrictions.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) - The Lymphatic system is the part of the immune system that eliminates pathogens, microbes and viruses, from the body. This system can be disrupted by disease, injury or surgery. The goal of LDT is to encourage the flow and/or restore the flow of lymph to nodes for cleansing, thus stimulating a positive immune response and reducing local swelling. The method I learned was developed by Bruno Chickly, D.O. and taught through the Upledger Institute.

Vacuum Cupping - This method of manual therapy can be used as a massage method in and of itself for the release of tight muscles, for LDT or as a gentle but very effective method to break up scar tissue adhesions.

Orthobionomy™ - Is a form of PRT ( Positional Release Technique). Developed by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O., it is a system that takes the body through gentle movements and holds.  This releases patterns of muscle and skeletal tension.

Massage For The Childbearing Year™ - This is a massage provided for pregnant moms-to-be. Initiated in the second tri-mester, this massage is a relaxing session for mom, which positively impacts your unborn child by reducing the stress hormones in mom and increasing her endorphins. Developed by Carol Osborne Sheets, with Kate Jordan.


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